An Ode to This Old House

This old house has seen me through more than half of my adult life.

We moved in when Shiloh was 4 years old and Huck was 4 months old (2008).

We have so many heartwarming memories in this house.

The kids and I sent Robert off on many travels and adventures from this house and joyfully welcomed him home when they were over.

I taught Shiloh to read in this living room. I think I also taught her to dislike math here too. Whoops!

The kids learned to ride bikes on these sidewalks, learned what being neighborly looks like from our kind neighbors, and developed life long friendships with some of the greatest people right here on this street.

They experienced the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus here. Built forts, obstacle courses, fairy houses and leprechaun traps in this yard. Had late night conversations and tenderhearted prayer times in their bedrooms.

Their dirty little fingerprints are on every doorknob, door, door frame, window, window pane, windowsill, wall, corner, baseboard, countertop, cabinet…you get the idea.

The hours of snow shoveling done here will not be missed, but jumping in the giant piles of snow will be.

This house is where I planted my first garden. I experienced life coming from my hands. I also experienced death coming from my hands as this is where I learned that I am not a good gardener.

We named our giant maple tree in this front yard Mr. Bark. He hosted many squirrels, birds, fairies and gnomes. He had canopies, tents, faces, and fairy doors hung from his trunk.

Mr. Bark was also the home to our joy-filled tire swing. Our kids and many neighbors spent hours swinging here. The swing became an airplane, a pirate ship, a boredom-buster, and a friend gatherer.

We brought Louis and Bowdrie home to this house. We will miss watching them view the outside world from our living room bay window, but we have fond memories of cuddle and play time with them here.

It was in this house that my marriage died and, by the grace of God, was resurrected. This is the house we separated in and the house where we reunited.

This house hosted many counseling sessions, crying sessions, yelling sessions, and making up sessions.

This is where I was when I received the news of my dad’s death. This is where my friends came around me and helped carry me through that loss.

I had a late term miscarriage in this home. We said goodbye to a little life in our upstairs bathroom.

Then I gave birth to Weslee in this home. We said hello to her in that same upstairs bathroom.

This house hosted birthday parties, halloween parties, dance parties, bonfires, christmas concerts, bible studies, and neighborhood soup nights.

It’s been the holder of happy times and sad times, and it has held my family well.

I’m so thankful God saw fit for this house to be a part of who we are.

722 Palace St, you are a wonderful piece in our story.



Confessions of Tired Mom

1. The kids and I do school in our pajamas once or twice a week.

2. I don’t separate the whites from the colors. Everything goes in together and gets washed on cold.

3. I don’t clean my house every week.

4. I love having a garden, but I am not looking forward to the work it will take to get it going.

5. I haven’t gone for a run or done any other form of exercise in 2 months.

6. I put my kids in bed at 7 pm whether they are sleepy or not. They usually fall asleep soon after.

7. I have a love/hate relationship with cooking. I love knowing what’s in my food and not spending money on eating out, but I hate the time it takes and the cleaning up afterwards.

8. I am starting to time myself while browsing facebook and my blog list. I have a crazy addiction to reading about someone else’s life when I should be tending to my own.

9. I have 6 books sitting on my desk. I have started reading them all, but I can’t seem to finish one.

10. I’m starting to get bored of tv…except of course when I need it to keep my kids occupied.

11. I should be folding Huck’s cloth diapers right now while waiting on our bread to cool, but obviously I’ve chosen to do something much more productive. 🙂